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Gran Canaria beach

Playa de Maspalomas

Sandy beach

Fine light sandy beach without stones.

Deck chairs

The renting of deckchairs is possible.

Sanitary area

Both toilets and showers are available.


Public parking is available.


Restaurants, cafes and bars available.

About the beach

Natural spectacle in the heart of Gran Canaria

Beaches on the island of Gran Canaria are a dime a dozen. But only one beach is more fascinating than any other: the beach Playa de Maspalomas. It is located in the municipality of San Bartolomé de Tirajana in the south of the island. But what makes it so special? 

One reason is that it is directly adjacent to the high dunes spread over 6km. The dunes are about 1.5km wide and may only be walked. Today, they belong to the nature reserve. Thus, from the beach Playa de Maspalomas one has a direct view to the uniqueness of these yellow-golden dunes. Located in the dunes is a FFK area, the only one on Gran Canaria. 

The beach Playa de Maspalomas borders on the beach of Playa del Inglés and thus extends it. The total length is therefore about 2.8 km. On the long beach there is always a place to relax and enjoy the sun. While the little ones play in the water or on the beach, the adults can relax and read a book and simply take in the sound of the sea. 

The promenade on the beach of Playa de Maspalomas invites you to "shop" and also to eat specialties of the island. The promenade as well as the beach Playa de Maspalomas can of course also be used for long walks in the evening sun. Many possibilities are open here. 

"Faro" is the name of the lighthouse, which lies to the west of the beach. This can be examined from close range and serves as a small "destination" on the beach. Due to the always good weather during the year, the beach always offers a place to relax. The many hours of sunshine make the holiday even more perfect.

Also the sports fans come here at your expense. Whether jet skiing, diving, sailing or windsurfing, everything is offered here. Courses for beginners can also be booked directly on the beach of Maspalomas and the necessary equipment is provided. Whether it's a cosy evening on the beach promenade, or a beach holiday in the sun, or rather adventure through the thrill of sports, the beach Playa de Maspalomas offers the right place for everyone and lets your heart blossom in the south of Gran Canaria.l

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