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General terms and conditions of Kanaren-24

The following general mediation conditions apply to the legal relationship between Kanaren-24 and the customer.

§ 1: General

(1) Canary-24 is exclusively as an intermediary of foreign services. It mediates the conclusion of a contract on the rental of a holiday accommodation selected by the customer between its owner and the customer, as well as on the provision of other tourist services with their provider.

(2) To the legal relation between Kanaren-24 and the customer the regulations of the paid business agency (§§ 675, 631 ff BGB) apply, as far as in these general mediation conditions something else is not determined.

§ 2: Conclusion of the brokerage contract

(1) By filling out the booking request form provided in the internet portal of Kanaren-24 and clicking the "booking request" button, or the telephone booking at Kanaren-24 or the receipt of a written or in text form designed booking at Kanaren-24, the customer commissions Kanaren-24 with the mediation of a holiday accommodation or another tourist service. The customer is bound to this mediation order in the form of a paid agency contract for five days.

(2) With the booking request, the customer confirms the General Terms and Conditions of Canary-24 to have taken note and to be in agreement with their validity.

(3) There is no right of revocation for the mediation contract with Kanaren-24.

§ 3: Duties of Kanaren-24 from the mediation contract

(1) The contractual obligation of Kanaren-24 is limited to the mediation of the offered holiday accommodations or other tourist services, as far as these are available.

(2) Kanaren-24 takes over for the owner/provider the handling of the booking and sending of the booking confirmation, as far as the customer does not receive this directly from the owner/provider or has agreed otherwise with this.

(3) Canaries-24 recommends the customer to take out a travel cancellation insurance. Such insurance is not included in the stated (rental) prices.

(4) Kanaren-24 is entitled and obligated to pass on the personal data communicated by the customer to the owner/provider, as far as this is necessary for the completion of the mediated contract.

(5) The information of Canary Islands 24 on passport, visa, foreign exchange and health regulations apply exclusively to German nationals. Customers who are not German citizens, please contact the relevant consulate for clarification of questions in this regard.

§ 4 Obligations of the customer from the brokerage contract

(1) The customer is obliged

    1. Canary Islands-24 truthfully and completely about all circumstances relevant to the booking and his wishes regarding the holiday accommodation and other tourist services to inform
    2. each change of its address immediately Kanaren-24 to communicate.

(2) The customer is responsible for the compliance with the contractual obligations of all residents of the holiday accommodation registered by him and registered participants in other tourist services.

(3) The customer is obligated to examine the booking confirmation sent to him by Kanaren-24 or the contracting partner immediately and carefully and to communicate inaccuracies immediately.

(4) Defects in the mediation service of Kanaren-24 have to be reported immediately by the customer and Kanaren-24 has to give the opportunity to remedy the defect. In case of a culpable omission of this notification any claims of the customer because of bad fulfilment of the mediation contract are void.

§ 5: Liability of Canaries-24

(1) Kanaren-24 is only liable for intentional and grossly negligent actions of its employees, vicarious agents and legal representatives or in the case of a breach of a material contractual obligation.

(2) The liability of Kanaren-24 as an agent is limited in case of slight negligence for damages of the customer, which are not bodily injuries, to the foreseeable damage, at most to a sum, which corresponds to the price of the service booked by the customer.

(3) A liability for offers and achievements third is not taken over by Kanaren-24. Kanaren-24 receives the detailed information contained in the object descriptions from the owners of the holiday accommodations and/or offerers of other routistic achievements and has no possibility these for their correctness to examine. Kanaren-24 therefore gives no assurance or guarantee for the correctness, completeness and topicality of this information.

(4) Canary-24 is not liable for the availability and freedom from defects of the holiday accommodation selected by the customer and for the fulfillment of special requests that the customer has indicated in the booking request, as well as for the availability and freedom from defects of the other tourist services selected by the customer.

§ 6 Limitation of claims arising from the brokerage contract

All claims for damages on the part of the customer shall become statute-barred one year after they arise. This does not apply to claims due to unlawful acts.

§ 7 Representation of the owner

(1) Canary-24 represents the owner in the initiation and conclusion of a contract for the rental of the holiday accommodation selected by the customer or the other contracting party in the initiation and connection of a contract for other tourist services.

(2) As far as the owner/contractual partner determines this opposite the customer, Kanaren-24 is entitled to the receipt of (partial) payments of the customer. It sends the booking confirmation on behalf of the owner/contractor.

(3) Exclusive contact person of the customer for the assertion of notices of defects and resulting claims is the owner of the holiday accommodation or provider of the other tourist service. The obligation of Kanaren-24 is limited to the communication of the name and address of the owner/contractual partner.

8 Payments by the customer

(1) The deposit resulting from the object description is to be transferred by the customer within 3 working days to Kanaren-24 as a representative of the owner/provider.

(2) For the punctuality of the payment the entrance on the account of Kanaren-24 is authoritative. The payment of the remaining price takes place, as far as between the customer and the owner/provider nothing else agrees, at the latest four weeks before rent/service beginning to the owner/provider.

(3) If the booking is made less than four weeks before the start of the rental period, the customer shall make payment in accordance with the instructions of the owner/provider.

§ 9 Change of booking by the customer

(1) Canary-24 calculates otherwise currently no separate fees for the mediation of holiday accommodations and other tourist services. The future calculation of brokerage fees remains - after explicit reference - reserved.

§ 10 Changes in prices and services

(1) Canary-24 has no influence on price or service changes of the mediated holiday accommodation or other tourist services.

(2) Kanaren-24 can require the payment of the difference amount from the customer, as far as a price increase was agreed upon effectively between the owner and the customer.

§ 11 Further provisions

(1) Between Kanaren-24 and the customer the validity of German right is agreed.

(2) The inefficacy of individual regulations of the switching contract and the general switching conditions of Kanaren-24 does not result in the inefficacy of the entire contract. If parts should be or become ineffective, then the parties commit themselves to meet in this connection a legally effective new regulation, which corresponds economically to what the parties have wanted.

Status: March 2021